Modification and Architectural Control Committee

The Wynford Chace Homeowners' Modification Committee requests that all required documentation be submitted at one time. Any application received that does not contain all required documentation will be returned to the homeowner unprocessed.

Design Standards

The Board of Directors and the Modifications Committee (MC) in order to create and maintain a community of high esteem and visual harmony have established these Design Standards.

Clubhouse Rental

The Clubhouse is available for baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, dinner parties, prayer and study group meetings, book clubs, hobby events, family reunions, and other social functions for residents of Wynford Chace.The clubhouse may be reserved by any Wynford Chace Homeowners Association member in good standing for the purpose of hosting an event.

Tennis Team

The tennis courts are owned by the homeowner’s (through the homeowner’s association) for the homeowner’s use and enjoyment. These rules and guidelines have been prepared so Wynford Chace HOA will be consistent with other Cobb County HOA neighborhoods.